Saturday, 14 July 2012

Jenis-jenis PLU

hari ni aku terjumpa satu artikel.. agak menarik juga lah.. ianya mengenai jenis-jenis PLU kat dalam PR.. aku tak mahu cakap banyak.. korang baca lah sendiri dulu dan fikir pada saat ini korang dalam kategori mana.. hehe..

1. Money Boy / Massage Boy
You can easily see these boys online 24/7 looking for customers, their age range from 19-35. They always create new profile since PR management will delete it. Most of them from indonesia/ myanmar/ vietnam & nepal. Those vietnamese & myanmar would usually claim that they are from Thai. For Godsake, the biggest marketplace for sex trading in Bangkok itself. Travelling here using visitor passport and will hangout in KL City for 1-3 months before they go to Singapore to stamp their passport for another 3 months visit. These boys usually from low income background and will use their physical and holes as the main source of income. They will try to project as much as possible that their hotness using adobe photoshop and studio photography. The photos are very deceiving, they are 100% not resemblance to what they projected in the ads. Their hotspot will be in Miharja / Maluri / Bukit Bintang area. High chanches that these boys carry STDs, HIV, Syphlis and Gannorhea.

2. Adik-adik and Anak-Ikan
These boys usually will do whatever it takes to get attention. Some of them really hot, cute, flawless twinks. However not all of them usually look cute, but they will try as hard as possible to look like Topman or Zara models or at least Padini Models. They can be easily spotted online with fake blue / grey / hazel eyes contact lenses, with thick foundation to cover up pimples scar and to look flawless. Some of them will take photo in front of mirror holding their shirt to snap their abs photo and trying so hard to prove that they are hot. They will try very hard to genetically modify themselve by convincing people that they are mixed with Irish, English, Dutch, Singaporean or whatever foreign origin they could name. Most of them are students or junior executives who just found jobs probably in starbucks, coffe bean, call centre, banks, retail outlets, sephora, perfume departments, zara etc. They usually don't know what they want nor to have career and ambitions. Their dream jobs is to be Air Asia, Tiger Airways & Singapore Airlines stewards, Magazines Models, Reality Show Celebrities, Dancer etc. They will always put headlines looking for sincere relationship, target market are succesful executive who can provide them instant lifestyle upgrades. From low cost flat, sharing rooms with 2-3 housemates to luxury condo. They would have tendency not to be comitted due to active young hormones that needs attention & their sex desire are high and always wanted to get fucked by hot, muscled, straight looking guys.They can easily be spotted at Padini, Seed, Topman. Their fav hangouts would be QBistro, Pakli Seksyen 7, Starbucks and Coffee Bean around Bukit Bintang on Weekends only specifically Saturday 5-7 during the frappucino happy hours where they can get 50% off and they will hangout there for at least 5 hours. They also could not be separated from Grindr, facebook, Twitter and any gay related social sites. Their biggest assets so far would be iphones ad blackberries. If you are in the attempt to find love from this category, it is said that it is better to get a chihuahua, golden retriever or a poodle.

Another sub-category of these youngs called themselves the rempit, bisexual, straightacting anak ikan. Don't get carried away so fast, it doesn't mean that they are manly, straight or bisexual nor they are a biker. It is just that the only transportaton that they could afford to buy for the time being is a motorbike that cost them RM200 p/m installment.

3. Abang2 / Discrete / Heavy Chem Users
These category of gays mostly has evolved from anak ikan to abang2. Probably they have already realized that their market demand is very less. This is due to high competition from the new adik2 / anak ikan that are much cuter, younger, with good looks and better self propositions. These abang2 will usually load their after gym pictures to get attention. Some of them will only put their body pics, without the face pics. This usually happen when the face is wayyyy too ugly from the body and they usually fear rejections, afraid to get caught from a sponsoring partner or they already married, however still crazy about assholes and cocks. These people can be easily spotted in saunas especially otot2 to have their weekly relief. When online they will usually promote the usage of Chem / Drugs / Ecstasy due to not well function cocks or wanted to enjoy to get fucked for a long time.

4. Chubs / Daddy
These are probably the least demanded category in every social sites. Any anak ikan or abang2 profile headlines
would usually mentioned "NO CHUBBY, NO SISSY, NO DADDY / OLD". Nevertherless these people have their own fans especially chub chaser, daddy chaser, money boys, or anak ikan who wants established people to take care of them, or the last would be super-ugly category of anak ikan or adik2. These daddies can easily be spotted in saunas that patronised by chubs especially in Brickfields area. The poor daddies fav destination would be Bangkok and Bukit Bintang to find slutty cheap money boys to fuck and the same time get their Hepatitis and HIV treatments locally. The rich daddies always looking for young meat to sponsor as sex slaves cum boyfriend. They always complaint that "boys these days just want money" rather than going to the gym or start a Herbalife diet plan.

5. Kakak2 / Sisters
This category is believed to evolved from adik2 that has grow in age and of course has decreased market demand.
Most of them doesn't have the cute / twinky look anymore. Their sexual fantasy would be to have sex good looking abang2 and to have serious and comitted relationship like husband and wife. But that is very unlikely to happen since their rivals, the young & hot anak ikans are there competing and readily to be fucked by abang2. So they would alternatively look for anak ikan that are hot and can sponsored materially however it would usually end up the anak ikan fucking with someone else and dumb them after successful material gain/acquisition. Some of them will try so hard to be attached with stable tops/ dadies and to be in relationship for material gains after they realized that the anak ikan strategy has failed, they have no money and their ambitions to be models, reality show celebrity, and airlines steward is not going anywhere. They can be spotted at Zara looking for a cardigan, green belt, slim fit blazer or shoes.You can spotted them working in KLCC and Pavilion boutiques, Sephora and any reputable brands, selling perfumes, make ups, as sales associates or shift supervisor.

6. The high class / high fashion gays.
These gays would usually online with profile pictures projecting the image of the royal hamptons. Most of them come from rich families, or they are senior executives in Berhad companies or they have some rich VVIP daddy like Anwar Ibrahim sponsoring them or they are in credit card debt not less than RM 50K or they are just Flight Stewards that trying so hard to be classy. You will never see them hanging around in QBistro, Tasik or Zara. They usually spend time for Fashion Preview with their Hermes Berkin / Prada / LV / Gucci tote handbags. Their tote bags collections in a year will usually sum up to average adik2 or anak ikan annual income. Their annual shopping expenses probably more that what a married average man have in their EPF Retirement Fund. They can be spotted shopping around in KLCC, Pavilion and Starhill, thay hangout bar would be frangipani and any other hotel private clubs. They usually have breakfast in Coffee Bean or Starbucks with an Ipad. What teh Tarik? they only drink Latte, Cappucino, Hoegaarden, Savanna Dry, Baileys or Evian to keep their soft skin and to maintain their class. They usually live in Mont Kira, Hartamas or Bangsar. They emphasize English as their mother's tongue and they are very selective to whom they be friends with.


  1. Ahaha... I'm not any of them guys... but im on pr...

  2. Teros pakcik terbatok2 kluar kahak..
    Frangipani ye.. Baru je jmpa dady kat sana...
    Hak hak hak...

  3. Me too.. but I like to cuci mata coz my aprtment just in front of Q-Bistro tasik Permaisuri... hahaha

  4. aku yang mana? satu pun tidak...

    *mungkinkah aku str8?hakhakhak~

  5. sumpah jujur tuduhan yang dilemparkan.
    aku neh tak sure dlm kategori mana.

    *entry of the month!

  6. artikel ni agak general sgt.. trlalu ada stereotype sgt lh.. x semua org mcm tu..

  7. Sorry x tau nk post iklan kat mana
    Mencari sugarmummy/daddy
    Iz / Male / 24 YO from K.Terengganu,

    sape baik , caring , penyayang, serius dan tak kedekut.
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  8. kat ig bersepah sume di atas..yang mengaku kawin tapi still cari bontot dan kote